Amazing Archaeological Discoveries

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Published on: September 4, 2019

‘Amazing Archaeological Discoveries’
Monday 24th June 2019

Thank you to all who came to the talk, there was great support for this repeat of archaeologist, Andy Peachey’s excellent talk on the amazing finds archaeologists have discovered along the East Anglia One cable route. We were taken on a voyage of discovery from prehistory to the Saxons.

At the archaeological site beside Martlesham bypass and Seckford Hall unexpectedly an amazing early Neolithic causeway enclosure of ditches was found, that had been reinforced in the late Neolithic. A collapsed wooden trackway and platform was discovered within it, preserved by the water from springs in the hillside that had kept the area waterlogged. Artefacts found within it included an auroch’s head. While a short distance away at Little Bealings a Roman farmstead has been discovered and adjacent Saxon buildings, providing evidence of how they each lived on and used the site – a tantalising snapshot into life at that time and especially interesting because the Saxon buildings were not built over the Roman ones. Thank you to Andy, who also brought along artefacts from the cable route sites and other local areas, as well as some replicas for the audience to look at and handle.

Thank you all for your support and also to all those who helped at the event to make it such a successful evening.

Look out for details of our next talk.

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