• About Roger

About Roger

Roger’s main interests in his life we music, helping people, plants and wildlife.

Roger started to play the violin at the age of six when he was at Primary School. He went on to play the violin in school groups and in the South Suffolk Youth Orchestra.

While still at school he helped at a music group in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK and volunteered with ”Out and About” (a local organisation that helps children with disabilities).

He worked for several years as a carer with a local housing association looking after adults with learning difficulties, but after developing epilepsy he went to work with his uncle and mother at Home Meadows Nursery Ltd where his interest in plants developed.

During all of this time he played and took part in many concerts and events arranged by his family for charities both playing violin and singing.  He was also a member of Hollesley Church Choir for several years.

For over ten years he had been playing the violin with the Melton Folk group and was in his element when performing at their many events during those years, which included fetes, garden parties, barn dances and concerts.


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